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Puredns - Bruteforce Domains

Puredns - Bruteforce Domains


Puredns is a very fast domain resolver tool with the benefit of wildcard detection. Domain resolution is the process of querying the IP address of a webserver or domain name from a DNS server. Puredns is built in Golang by @d3mondev.

In the background, it uses massdns(a very high performance DNS resolver) built in C. The requirements to use this tool are a good network bandwidth, list of subdomains to bruteforce, a list of DNS resolvers and your little bit of time.

The primary use cases of puredns are domain resolution and domain bruteforcing. Domain resolution, attacker provides a list of possible domains and puredns resolves that domain to check if the domain actually exists or not. Domain bruteforcing, attacker provides a list of subdomains, a domain name and puredns creates the list of hosts to resolve by adding each subdomain to domain name and then do domain resolution.


Prerequisites: Install massdns

$ git clone https://github.com/blechschmidt/massdns.git
$ cd massdns
$ make
$ sudo make install

Go Installation:

$ go install github.com/d3mondev/puredns/v2@latest


  • List all possible commands
$ puredns -h
  • Bruteforce subdomains- give list of subdomains, resolvers and a domain name
$ puredns bruteforce <wordlist.txt> <domain.com> -r <resolvers.txt>
  • List all possible options for puredns bruteforce or resolve module
$ puredns bruteforce -h
$ puredns resolve -h
  • Resolve list of hosts with resolve module
$ cat <hosts.txt> | puredns resolve -r <resolvers.txt>
$ puredns resolve <hosts.txt> -r <resolvers.txt>
  • Write output of resolved hosts
$ puredns bruteforce <wordlist.txt> <domain.com> -r <resolvers.txt>        --write output.txt --write-wildcards output-wildcards.txt


  • Use an updated dns resolvers file. Trickest updates there resolvers repository daily. Link: https://github.com/trickest/resolvers
  • Perform subdomain recon 2 times in a week on a big target to get newer results.

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