Authors can use their blog writing skills to contribute to the platform. If you think you are good at writing, write about it. If you are hacking, learning, or creating some dark magic, you can write a blog post about the same on rashahacks.com.

The authors and editors contributing to the blog will get payments for their blog writing skills accordingly.

What can you write?

We are interested in concise and eye-catching blogs. Authors can write anything on hacking or cybersecurity stuff. It includes topics like Penetration Testing, OSINT, New Security Tools, Machine Writeups, Bug Bounty Writeups, Investigation Techniques, Dark web, etc.

How to join the platform?

If you are interested to write and earn, write a mail at admin@rashahacks.com

Send your public profiles, LinkedIn, blog page, and anything that can say that you are a good writer.

Accepted applications will receive a mail to the platform panel as Contributor.

Happy Writing